England Isn’t the Only Reason to Celebrate

With much of the country witnessing England’s victory during their final game of the group stages, events were taking place which were not football related. Although last night was a sensational game of football, which pushed to the top of their group, and into the quarter-finals; many events were taking place to celebrate birthdays.

We here at Spitting Pig were hired to cater for a variety of different birthday parties, to ensure that each event had its own unique choices available, allowing customers to choose initially from our variety of different menus which they would prefer. Within a variety of optional extras available to be added on the menus, your party can have a unique feel and culinary desire, to your choosing.

With the DJ at many of the events informing guests that food was cooked, we showed off our succulent hog roasts, ensuring that the tenderness of the meat would melt within the mouths of the guest, and every bite tasting even more satisfying than the last. With the sight of the guests face, and the second helpings slowly being dished out to those who desired it, it could only be believed that the taste was exactly what we were expecting, as we aim to cook our hog roasts to perfection with the freshest of meats.

With the atmospheres heating up, and the party mood spreading its way around the event, you could feel the enthusiasm of guests rising, with drinks running smoothly, and the eagerness of all ages, the vibe was ecstatic. With the new of England’s success finding its way round many of the events, the crowd could be seen getting happier as news eventually reached the DJ at many of the events, announcing the wonderful news of England’s victory, in which cheers filled the rooms.

With every guest pleased with the result, every host glad that everything went to plan, and that the major worry of the catering had be settled, and the constant fear in the back of their mind had been for nothing, as we stuck true to our promise, and ensure that everything was completed to the customer’s requirements. Want your next event to be distinctive and memorable, then why not try a hog roast. Check out our special offers, and make your event one of a kind.

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