Fan’s Football Fatality

With the Olympic torch making its way round the country, and having already passed through the Welsh regions early on in its journey, the main thing on many people’s minds was the quarter final match for England. With Roy Hodgson’s side training every second during the build up to the game, their approach was determination throughout, clearly hoping to continue on through the tournament. With fans through the country looking on, with the same mind set as the players, it could be seen that this was the fundamental game required to shape the Euro 2012 dream.

With the tension building over the weekend, the pressure getting more and more stressful, the whistle was blown and the game was underway. In local pubs everywhere, fans were congregating to witness the success or failure of the game, and within a local bar in Flint, we here at Spitting Pig had been hired to cater for the fans, giving them a luscious hog roast to end the game with. With the sound of the hog roast cooking and the occasional clang of glasses, the bar went silent from the first whistle.

After 120 minutes of intense football, where both sides taking fighting chances, cutting through gaps within the defensive lines, yet neither team were able to secure a goal, making the output of the game reliant on a penalty shootout. Both sides were hoping that a penalty shootout would not be the case, and want to have secured a goal during the 120 minutes of play. With fans already considering defeat, we could see that the crowd was going to be tough to please.

As the result was shown, the faces of fans within the bar dropped, so we knew we better get to work, and began cutting our hog, slowly attracting the fans from the second the cut hit the plate. Within seconds of the first cut, the queue had formed of fans trying to put the games result behind them, and from the reaction we could here from tasting our meats, we were doing the job perfectly. The quality of meat could be tasted in every bit, which is why we use locally sourced and fresh meats, to ensure every bite tasted better than the last.

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