Your company name is Spitting Pig, can you spit other meats like poultry?

Just because our name is Spitting Pig, you have to realise that it is just an indication of the main part of our work and that the scope of our machines is very much beyond just cooking pigs. Indeed, if we were to restrict the meats that could be cooked using our machines to just pigs then that would be a big mistake. For a start, many people cannot eat pig for one of a variety of reasons whether it is religious or cultural. It would therefore be a shame if these people were not allowed to enjoy the many benefits on offer from our machines. Thankfully, hog roast machines are some of the most versatile cooking units on the market and you really can cook some great meals using just a single hog roast machine combines with some of the great options that are available. This makes a hog roast machine a really flexible investment indeed and one that can find many uses.

We have heard of many people making great use of their hog roast machines when cooking other meats and these stories just go to show how flexible the machines are. For instance, one of the special options available to hog roast machine owners is the quite special chicken spit option. We have all cooked roast chicken at home and there really is nothing as simple and rewarding as a roast chicken. So imagine how great it would be if you could offer people not one or two or three but thirty six beautifully cooked chickens! Think about that, being able to cook thirty six tasty chickens on the same appliance. It’s incredible but it’s perfectly possible and it is something that many of customers are doing with their machines. We know of customers using this scenario to cook chicken for school fairs and car boot sales – and given that the weather at these events in summer is often pretty poor, you can bet that some tasty spit roast chicken is a very welcome treat at such an event. In fact being able to deliver such plentiful volumes of tasty chicken is what gives people the idea of setting up their own spit roast meat stall at events such as music festivals and outdoor events. You can understand why too because the meat always tastes so good and smells so good. And with everything being so compact in the one unit, it really is the ultimate in portable go anywhere stalls! Chickens are just one of the meats that you can cook but let us not forget that you can also cook a great beef joint on your hog roast machine, or what about a stupendously piece of lamb? You can even use our griddle option and turn the machine into a barbecue bar, making it ideal for cooking delicious sausages, burgers and all manner of other tasty treats. It really is the king of versatility, so don’t ever think that you are stuck with pig on a hog roast machine.