Is it possible for us to hire 2 or possibly more machines for our event or is there a limit?

If you having a big event then it makes absolute sense to hire more than one machine, although you can certainly feed a lot of people from just the one pig. A hog roast can be a very accommodating feast and before you commit yourself to hiring more than one machine, make sure that you really need to do this. Whilst the Spitting Pig team are of course happy to help you with hog roast machine hire, we certainly don’t want you to spend money that you don’t need to spend. A standard pig hog roasted can feed over a hundred people, and if the event is one where you are eating hog roast rolls, you can probably feed even more than that figure, so do be aware of what you can achieve with just the one pig. Having said that, it can be a very sound idea to offer your party a choice of two meats and for this reason, a second or even third machine could the way forward. As you may have read earlier, hog roast machines are not restricted to cooking pig and are perfect for cooking a variety of other meats, so you are in no way restricted to what you can cook. We have catered for many events where the clients have requested lamb as a secondary option and we are delighted to say that lamb cooks quite splendidly in a hog roast machine. You get the same incredible quality of flavour and succulence that you get from a hog roast machine pig. And of course you can also cook beef in a hog roast machine. Again, the very nature of cooking using these superb machines allows you to enjoy simply stunning tasting meat every time and beef is no exception. A hog roast machine cooked joint of beef is simply riddled with stupendous flavour and will be some of the best tasting beef that you have ever experienced. It certainly is something worth trying.

There are some other benefits to bring in additional hog roast machines that you may not have considered. If your party includes a lot of younger children then it maybe that you want to give them something different. Not that children don’t like hog roast (we find that they usually love it) but many children often like the familiarity of something a little less special and that is why you could dedicate one machine purely to burgers and sausages for example. This perfect fast food solution could keep the youngsters – and indeed the more awkward adult diners – very happy indeed. What you have to remember is that hog roast machines are very versatile units and the more of them you have, the more scope you have in what you can offer. Don’t forget for instance that you can cook turkeys beautifully in the machines or, using the special chicken spit option, up to 36 chickens! You really could have absolutely every angle covered if you choose more than one machine and that could keep everyone very happy indeed!