We’d like to mix and match a hog roast and a chicken roast, is this available?

Just as you would expect at any restaurant worth its salt, there are going to be times when somebody will want something different to eat to everybody else. It’s only natural that not everyone has the same tastes when it comes to meat and that is fine, especially when you are talking about hog roast machines. Why is that? Well hog roast machines offer true versatility in many different respects. It is not simply about the little bits and pieces like quality castors and stainless steel construction but about the cooking practicalities too that make cooking two entirely separate things so easy. Choose the right hog roast machine and you can enjoy this amazing versatility. There will be many a time when using a hog roast machine that you will need to have ’back up’ to cater for those who do not like or simply cannot eat roasted pig. Luckily you can look after this with ease. The hog roast machines are quite accommodating in this respect and that means that you can have two options from the one machine, so you can spit roast that pig and have a lovely bit of beef cooking away inside the oven compartment along with the veg and potatoes. How smart is that? Not that any of this should be of any concern to you if we are providing the catering for you of course. It is our aim to ensure that the catering for your special event is 100% spot on and this means that we will go out of our way to make it a perfect occasion, so if we know that some people prefer beef or lamb to pig then we will get that sorted for you. You may have experienced issues with caterers in the past who are very reluctant to be so flexible and will often look at you as though you have asked them to sign away their life savings…simply because you want an alternative option for four people.

We believe that providing an option is the least that any responsible caterer can do and we are delighted to do so, especially when – thanks to the versatility of hog roast machines – it is so easy to do. In fact our menu options for occasions such as weddings are simply unbeatable in the flexibility that we offer and we are rightly proud that we at Spitting Pig have an unmatched reputation for the quality, versatility and professionalism that we offer. Many people are not aware of just how flexible hog roast catering is for events such as weddings but with an increasing number of weddings choosing hog roast as their main meal, that is fast changing and hog roast is gaining more and more fans by the week. With the sheer flexibility and versatility on offer such as providing alternative options, it is not hard to see why hog roast catering is becoming one of the most popular new catering options across the UK and quite rightly so.