Brand new Hogmaster Pro Machines for hire in North Wales

The Spitting Pig North Wales are really loving their four new Hogmaster Pro hog roast machines, all stacked up and ready to go to bring luscious food to all our lovely customers. If you fancy a slow-roasted hog for your party or event, these versatile machines are great for us to use to cater for up to 50 of your guests, and they can even be used to cook barbecues, spit roasts, and all kinds of potatoes and vegetables – and even a pizza! You can actually simultaneously cook a variety of meats using one, and you can certainly cook an entire meal in one, in one fell swoop. We find that they are most often used to cook the perfect pig but the Hogmaster Pro’s flexibility and great features mean that you will always have much more than just one food option available to you, if needed.

North Wales Hog Masters Blog Picture2If you are thinking of having a DIY hog or spit roast, or maybe you have your own catering company, it’s useful to know that these efficient hog roasting machines are equally great to rent, to be used by domestic or other professional cooks, as a Hogmaster Pro is very portable and so easy to use. A smaller, lighter, scaled-down version of our range of commercial hog roasters, the Hogmaster Pro fits in an estate car with ease and can be moved around effortlessly. Despite being so lightweight, it’s a durable and highly capable piece of equipment, and it’s even cheap to run, as a Pro doesn’t use much gas and it runs off a 12-volt motor.

If you want to impress your guests or customers, we should let you know that members of the public can look like master chefs at the helm of a Hogmaster Pro, so while the machine itself does all the hard work for you, you can still take all the credit!

The Spitting Pig North Wales is now gearing up for the busy summer months ahead, where we will be offering clients great value hires on the busy Saturday dates that book up fast in advance. Don’t miss out on your special occasion or corporate event and get your catering or machine hire booked in now, while you can!

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