Will you show us how to use a machine if we hire one?

Yes. It’s always our focus in whatever it is that we do to help you. So when you hire a machine you’ll also receive our help. Machines are delivered personally and when the machine is delivered you’ll be told how the machine works and we’ll even leave you with a CD that contains a Spitting Pig machine tutorial. It’s all relatively straightforward and you should know your way around the hog roast machine as soon as we show you the very basic functions.

Your company name is Spitting Pig, can you spit other meats like poultry?

Yes we can. There are Spitting Pig machines for tray roasting, a way to roast meat of any type. And for spit roasting the machines have adjustable, additional attachments for different types and sizes of meats. The attachments can be used to cook whole hogs, chickens and turkeys, or we can spit roast lamb, beef or jacket potatoes. We can even spit roast a traditional kebab at your event. If you’re hiring a machine the necessary attachments will be provided to you also.

e’d like to mix and match a hog roast and a chicken roast, is this available?

Yes it is. If you want an offering of 2 different spit roast or tray roast meals then you’re in luck with Spitting Pig because so many of our event menus for weddings, corporate events and parties have a 2 selection roast offer. If you’re feeling really generous and want to give your guests 3 or more options then that’s also available. We can include additional menu options for your guests whether for the main or the canapes or salads, call us to discuss this further.

Where do you get your pigs, chickens, etc.

The pigs and chickens that we get, along with the other meats and most of the produce that we use for any event is bought in North Wales from North Wales farmers. A profound commitment to the environment and the proper treatment of animals is a deciding factor in where we get our produce, but it definitely helps that the pigs and other animals are better quality in North Wales. The chickens are free range and the pigs organic, and with so much glorious green pasture in the region it’s not difficult to understand why produce raised here is better than from anywhere else.

Could you serve drinks as well as cooking the food for us?

Yes. We can also prepare and serve drinks at your event. The professional drinks service is provided by us but the drinks should be provided by you. Introductory drinks can also be served to guests on arrival at your event, as well as a front of house to greet people if needed.

Is it possible for us to hire 2 or possibly more machines for our event or is there a limit?

It’s absolutely possible to hire multiple machines from us; there isn’t a limit on the number of machines a person can hire from us, the more the merrier is our motto. The benefits of hiring more than one machine is that if you’re hog roasting for a very large event with many hundreds of people you will need two machines. The other positive of having an additional machine is that you’ll be able to give your guests a choice between roast options if you wanted to. Rather than just having a hog roast you could cook a hog roast and a chicken roast, or a turkey or beef roast etc.

We want to hire a machine for 2 weeks, but how long does a hire period last?

You can hire a machine for 2 weeks or any length of time. The hire periods are split up into 1 event (a day/evening) period, a weekly period and then a monthly period. For the most part people hire hog roast machines from Spitting Pig for one-off use at party events and the like, but if you’re going to need the machine for longer either because you’ve got a few uses for it then a week long hire is good. The 1 month hire is also good if you are considering buying a machine for your business as you can get a real feel for the benefits of a hog roast and make sure there are no issues. Spitting Pig machines can be hired for an on-going length of time also. We can provide free quotes for all periods.

Can you provide us a pig with a Spitting Pig machine for our hire period?

Yes. Machines can come with or without a pig but if you want a pig then you’ll be the recipient of one of the finest seasoned pigs there is. The pigs are the same type we use for Spitting Pig catering and you’ll recognise that great Spitting Pig taste with the pig we provide. A pig with the machine will cost extra but if you let us know what size pig you want (we can help you determine this) then we can give you an accurate quote over the phone.

The hog roast machines look heavy, are they easy to move around?

Yes the machines are very manoeuvrable despite their appearance and if you need to move the machine you will have no problems doing so. The machines are very portable, even while cooking a hog roast you can move them. So if the weather takes a turn for the worst, or better, you can move your hog roast machine inside, or outside.

If I call and leave a message out-of-hours can you contact me at a specified time?

Yes, so long as you’re available for contact on a Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm. In some circumstances we might be able to contact you outside of these hours or we can communicate by email or letter if feasible. Never hesitate to leave messages if we’re not around to directly take the call for one reason or another.

86 Replies to “FAQ”

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