Choose Hog Roast Y Felinheli – It’s A Wise Move To Make

For any kind of personal celebration or commemoration or for all sorts of corporate functions, a Hog Roast Y Felinheli hog roast centrepiece is a great way to treat your guests to tasty homemade food. We arrive at your venue several hours before we’re due to serve and set up our equipment so that we can freshly prepare the meat to be roasted and then it sizzles away for an age while we keep an eye on it. Once cooked to perfection and after a little a rest, we then carve off the crackling and meat in front of you and serve as you wish – either as pigs in buns, together with your choice of salads, or with vegetables and potatoes, as well as our homemade trimmings of apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing and onion gravy.

But what if you’re after a different kind of meat to feature at your party or event and what if you need options for special diets or additional food? With Hog Roast Y Felinheli, this is never a problem, as we can and do provide so much more than our mouth watering signature food. If you’d prefer spit-roasted meat, we can cook up a storm with free-range turkeys or chickens, a whole English lamb or some brisket of beef, either with garden-fresh salads and coleslaw or with veg and potatoes, or just floury rolls and wraps instead, and together with suitable trimmings, such as apple sauce, cranberry sauce, mint sauce, Yorkshire puddings or chipolata sausages.

Hog Roast Y FelinheliWe’re often asked to cook for guests with dietary requirements too, like vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, and if you let us know your needs when you book with us, we can help you to decide on the best dishes to serve fresh on the day, like veggie skewers, pulled jackfruit in buns or even gluten-free pigs in buns. And if you’re planning a multi-course menu, check out our many starters, sides, desserts and canapés in order to create your very own menu from scratch, while one of our standalone menus instead may be the best decision.

For your next special occasion, call Hog Roast Y Felinheli and you’ll soon realise that it was a wise move to make!