Coychurch Catering In The Sun

September already and still clinging onto the last of summer and we have been promised more to come with the nice weather that means more catering out door and we all love that! To be fair we get such a small window of summer and we grab it with both hands when we see summer we get lots of requests for out door catering people love the atmosphere of eating out door with family and friends for a birthday or anniversary and our machines are so versatile meaning that we can go where ever we please! Sunday we were doing just that catering in Coychurch on a huge plot of land with the most amazing views we have ever seen catering for a music festival and the bbq late was on the ready, the expected turn out was on average of a few hundred but you can never be too sure on events like this and we always bring that bit extra food as we would hate to run short! DSC9091-300x199Jumbo bangers in buns with mustard and onions, one hundred percent monster beef burgers packed with mushrooms and ketchup, were the first to be made and the smell seemed to draw the crowd and before we knew it we had a crowd gather with their tongues hanging out! We then put some Coychurch jacket potatoes onto cook and made some cheese and onion filling and some tuna and mayonnaise some sea food stir fry was also made and pots of this went down ever so well we only wished we had brought more ingredients this is a fairly new dish we have just recently added to the menu and one that has proven ever so popular, soon we had music blasting down our ears and we couldn’t hear a thing every one was dancing and having fun and it was nice seeing the youngsters having a good time when we were leaving we all agreed that we must all be getting old as we all thought the music too loud and we could all remember our parents saying that to us happy days.