DIY Hog Roast In Gwalchmai

Eve has been a satisfied repeat customer of The Spitting Pig for a couple of years now. She’s used our catering services for multiple events – from a hog roast in Gwalchmai for her birthday party in her back garden to a spit roast and barbecue business meeting at her work – and she’s recommended us to friends, family and corporate clients. Last week Eve called us with a different request in mind this time – a DIY hog roast, so that she could now try cooking in this way for herself.

We like to give our customers choices; you can hire us to cater for your event, rent a machine to do it all yourself or even buy one of our fantastic roasting machines that we design and manufacture ourselves. As Eve would be cooking for a fairly small amount of people for her first DIY hog roast in Gwalchmai, we recommended that she hire one of our smaller machines rather than a huge professional beast!

We delivered the roasting machine to Eve at the weekend – early morning while the sun was warm but not too hot and there were no grey clouds in sight. Nevertheless, even when it is pouring down, you can still hog or spit roast indoors where there’s room and ventilation or under a gazebo outside. Hog roasts are not just for summer days outdoors. Eve had decided on buying her own pig for her garden hog roast in Gwalchmai party; we can supply an animal if needed, but if you prefer to get your own, you just need to check that the weight is suitable for the machine you’re using.

Eve breathed a sigh of relief when we began to explain how to use the machine and how easy it was. Even though she had used our services several times before, she didn’t know what to expect when hiring a machine. We want our customers to be happy and satisfied in the knowledge that they have been shown how to use our equipment, not just left to their own devices with it. When we collected the hog roaster on Monday, Eve excitedly told us all about her successful party and she had even saved us some of her pork. It was absolutely delicious!