DIY Hog Roast Rowen

We recently collected one of our Hog Roast Rowen machines from a very happy customer who loved renting it so much that she has decided to buy several from us in the very near future. That’s right – we sell them as well as hire them out! You may not have already known that we manufacture several kinds of hog and spit roast machines, including the Titan, Olympian, Platinum, Hogmaster and Hogmaster Pro, and we sell our fantastic range worldwide. We use our machines when catering events and parties, rent them out and sell them online and from our showroom in the north of England.

Diana owns a hog roast company herself and was recommended to us by a client who had used one of our machines recently. Thinking of upgrading her old machines, Diana decided to hire one of popular Titans to try it out for the weekend for a Hog Roast Rowen on the Saturday and a spit roast on the Sunday. Our machines really are versatile, as they have attachments that mean you can choose to have a hog roast, a spit roast or a barbecue. You can even cook a whole meal in one go, as you can cook the meat above and the veg and potatoes in the trays underneath.

Diana has used Hog Roast Rowen machines for many years now and although confident in the use of them, I showed her how to use the Titan that I dropped off at her home address on Friday. It’s super-easy, so Diana had the hang of it in no time. She showed me the hog and turkey she had ordered and would be serving to her customers that weekend, both of which she had marinated in advance. I left her with instructions for the Titan that she could refer back to, just in case, and then I left her to prepare for her weekend work.

When I collected the machine, Diana was thrilled with the Titan’s ease of use and portability and she had received more compliments than usual from her customers. The hog roast wedding meal and the turkey for a birthday party were both a great success. She’s made an appointment to visit our showroom as she now knows our machines will be a wise investment for her own business.