It was acceptable in the 80s! Hog Roast Bodelwyddan at Class of ‘80 school reunion.

School reunions can either fill you with terror as you realise how much time has passed since you left, or bring you excitement at seeing all your pals once again. Hog Roast Bodelwyddan felt uniquely privileged to be hired to cater the 40 year high school reunion for their local secondary school.

Hog Roast BodelwyddanThe organisers wanted a simple but inclusive menu for the 50 guests to enjoy during their night of reunion. The venue was the school hall and gave the Hog Roast Bodelwyddan Chef plenty of space to set up the catering equipment and serving table, so that in the six hours before the 7:30 serving time there was plenty of space to prepare all the dishes.

The menu was based around the Classic Hog Roast: a slow roasted pig, complete with apple sauce, homemade stuffing and crispy crackling and served with optional soft floured bread rolls, which were gluten free. However, there were tasty vegan and vegetarian options! The former high school students could also enjoy grilled vegetable skewers, as well as grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers.

The buffet table also had a platter piled high with piping hot jacket wedges and 3 exciting, tempting types of salad: carrot and orange, couscous and a traditional Greek salad. It was a feast for the eyes as well as a treat for the mouths!

The guests jumped straight into the fresh cuisine at 7:30pm on the dot and the Chef was more than ready to help serve them.

Once the buffet had been enjoyed to the max by all the guests the Chef quietly tidied away. As part of the catering package paid for by the event organisers the Chef took away all the rubbish from the catering of the event, including the disposable crockery and cutlery the Hog Roast Bodelwyddan team had provided. After all the equipment had been loaded back into the van the Chef discreetly left, allowing the guests to continue reconnecting to their former classmates.

The clients and team were very glad to have worked on such a happy event. Reunions may not be for everyone, but Hog Roast Bodelwyddan loves them.