My next ventures

 While a quick look around the cities and countryside on a cold February day might show the world as bleak, February is, in fact, a very busy month, literally and figuratively.While hog roasting outdoors might not seem a good idea, it is still important to eat well and keep oneself healthy and well-fed, especially in the bleak mid-winter.  Eating well, exercising as much as possible, and taking mega doses of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin are very important. 

During the colder, quieter months in the catering business, I do all I can to maintain my hog roasting machines in good health.  I use my machines, for the most part, every week throughout the year.  So it is essential that I clean, oil, polish, and ensure they receive their yearly maintenance.

I need to be ready for my next ventures in outdoor hog roasting which will begin very soon indeed, with Hog Roast Woodbank, a small parish town.  I’ve been invited to roast a beast at their local pub this coming spring and I’m really looking forward to it.  I always enjoy working with local pubs as you can reach a whole host of new customers. 

Not sure just yet what this event will entail.  Our  hog roast hire Wookbank services are not only affordable, but flexible, too, offering a caterer or individual wishing to book an event, everything they might need to make the day a success.

 I will let you all know the ‘ins and outs’ of how Hog Roast Woodbank goes later this spring.  I’m absolutely sure it will be another successful and fun event.