One Busy September hog roast Ruabon

September is one of the busiest periods for us at hog roast Ruabon we are normally getting well ahead preparing for the festive season which brings with it lots and lots of work, Saturday we were west and catering for a wedding and this is the last wedding we have of the year so wanted to make doubly sure that it was a really special one!  Arriving in plenty of time we set up the machines in the hall we were catering in a large stately home and catering for one thousand, we brought with us a van load of food as you can imagine the first job of the day was getting the pigs onto cook three plump pigs and we also placed some racks of lamb and chicken plenty of meat to feed all the guests, heaps of vegetables were peeled and some of our other staff were over setting the tables it is such a mammoth operation a big event like a wedding and we do lots of preparation and nothing is left to chance we are well used to weddings now though as we have done hundreds! Cooking-and-entertaining-300x200The next few hours were tending and turning the meat and cooking the vegetables all ready for when the guests arrived, before we knew it the bridal party were there and we welcomed each of the guests with a glass of the finest champagne the bride and groom looked sensational and were ever so excited and what a handsome couple we all thought! Soon the speeches were over and there were tears galore a very emotional day and everyone was ready for the meal. Our waiting staff served the courses with such grace and manners and the meals looked amazing the meats were oozing goodness and just fell apart as they were carved. When the guests had finished their meal we tidied everything away and it felt a little sad thinking this was our last wedding of the year we do love weddings but again we had done the bride and groom proud with our fantastic food hog roast hire Ruabon always excel!