So juicy and moist retaining !

Having a good website improves your chances considerably of getting orders and has proved that for us time and time again. Hog roast are well known hog roasters and we do say that the internet has improved our business no end, just last week three new orders via the internet and we were at one of those occasions on Sunday. We headed west for an engagement party and we were catering in the lady’s parents back garden and we say back garden it was more like a field, they asked us to suggest a menu and we suggested a bit of everything, so we cooked some chicken, lamb, turkey and beef the lady looked a little unsure and said “isn’t turkey dry?” we are asked this question over and over and we cannot stress enough no! Fair enough you cook turkey in a conventional oven and the chances are the turkey will be dry but you cook the turkey on our machines and you will be in for a surprise the meat is so juicy and moist retaining all the natural flavours and all are so surprised when they first taste the meat. To accompany the meat Hog Roast Hire suggested some vegetable kebabs with some moist chunky bread for open sandwiches and we said we would supply some dips and coleslaw free of charge we always like to add little extras free and our customers are always so grateful of this too! The tables were already set under a large marquee and they did look amazing all ready for our food! The meat was very quickly cooking and we sliced the buns and placed them on the tables along with the dips and coleslaw. The couple arrived and were in amazement at the sight of the lovely food the smell just filled the warm air it was mesmerising everyone sat down and enjoyed the food as a lovely wind band played music in the back ground it was so relaxing and all were so chilled we did get lots of compliments over the turkey which we knew we would and we never get tired of talking about our turkey!