Hog Roast Porthmadog

Having grown up in North Wales, the name Porthmadog reignites memories of high school when we used to dash for our bus, overjoyed that the day was over. A more practical piece of information is that it is the biggest town in North Wales, a hub for education and commerce.

The reason for our being there was around 20 young men who were wise enough to have asked for a smaller pig. This not only eliminated the chance of waste but reduced cooking time by a good two hours. A grey sky left us guessing as we arranged the essentials, but it turned out be nothing more than bravado as the clouds held up.

Throughout the operation a dog was present. It seemed to possess the good sense and manners not to raid the alien equipment that was near its home. During the moments it sat down my mind contemplated how powerful the succulent aroma of pork must be to a canine with their sensitive snouts. It was almost an evil notion knowing he was resigned to a supermarket brand. Eventually one of them spread the wealth and he pounced on the dispensed ration.

There was no lamb supplement this time but chicken, a bird which I love for its versatility.

There’s definitely a propensity for chicken to dry out, but the manner in which we spit-roast allows it to retain much of that natural juice. When accompanied by the skin it is particularly scrumptious. We appreciate that it isn’t as substantial as crackling, but then that’s why there is our homemade gravy which gives the poultry another dimension.

The age range of the customers must have been around 18-25. They were quite rowdy but good natured. I wasn’t too sure about their hectic admixture of beer, spirits and food, but it didn’t affect the rapidity at which everything was consumed.

There was a good bit left over though a respectable dent had been made. A few of them wanted to follow up on the roast with a night out. With the amount they’d eaten dancing wasn’t advised.

All in all they were very happy about our service. I couldn’t help but overhear conversation about attempting their own roast, but when they saw us begin to clear up the perks of hiring left them to focus on the good times.