Could you serve drinks as well as cooking the food for us?

Catering can be a nightmare for a large party especially when you are trying to organise things yourself. The drinks are really just another problem that you could do without, although you cannot really have a party without drinks! The trouble is ensuring that everyone is looked after and professionally so, and that’s where we can help. Spitting Pig catering gives your event that extra edge and really shows you what you can do for a relatively small outlay. Our catering credentials are well known and we have been busy making a name for ourselves for many years now, serving up some of the very best hog roast events anywhere. So successful have we become in the catering industry that we are now seen as one of the leaders in the UK catering industry with an enviable reputation at delivering superb tasting meat every time. Of course, you cannot become a leader in catering without being able to deliver a thorough service in all aspects of catering and that is exactly what we do. We look after every angle so that all you and your guests have to worry about is having a great time, and that includes serving the drinks as well if that is what you require.

For some reason, some people who have never experienced the benefits or delights of a hog roast event seem to think that they are somehow inferior to other catering options. That hog roast is not special enough or tasty enough for a big occasion or that the staff do not possess the professional qualities. This is of course total nonsense. Spitting Pig hog roast catering has been serving the people of the UK for many years and in that time we have built up a huge number of delighted customers and have catered for thousands of events with glowing feedback almost every time. We have provided the catering at a huge variety of special events across North Wales and throughout the UK. In this time we have seen the number of weddings we cater for on a regular basis steadily increase year by year as well as a growing number of private and corporate events. When it comes to catering, we are amongst the best and as professional as anyone out there! Drinks are of course an integral part of any special event ort occasion and will be delighted to help with the serving of them. Our staff are totally professional and courteous so you will not be let down at all in that respect. Together with the quality of food that we provide, you will find that the hog roast catering effect will be a most pleasant one. It is this that has made us so popular across North Wales and why you should certainly give Spitting Pig serious consideration when you are planning your next special event, whether it is a family function, back garden party or corporate event. Hog roast catering really does give you everything you need from a caterer and much more!