We want to hire a machine for 2 weeks, but how long does a hire period last?

Once you get your hands on one of our hog roast machines, you may feel a little reluctant to let go. Why? Because our machines really are quite something and you only realise this when you get stuck in and use them. Hiring them could lead to a long lasting affair. If you have become fascinated by hog roast machines after attending a hog roast event then you are one of the many people to have become fascinated by the magic that is on offer from these superbly versatile machines. Many of the people who have become Spitting Pig hog roast caterers in North Wales have become involved in the industry following an enjoyable dining experience at a hog roast event. They will have enjoyed the meat so much and seen the hog roast caterer in action and thought ‘that looks brilliant, I’d love to have a go at that’. And why not? You only know if you’ll enjoy something by trying it, and if hog roast catering is something that you want to try then hiring a machine is one way to go about it. As mentioned earlier, the Spitting Pig team are happy to discuss longer hire periods if required but we feel that you may discover all you need to know after just a few days with the machine. For instance you will soon learn that this machine is made of pretty strong stuff and certainly built to last. Believe it or not, each of our hog roast machines is made right here in the UK. By keeping the manufacturing process right here, we can be sure that everything is exactly how we want it with each machine. It also allows us to invite potential customers in to see machines being built so they can see what a quality product each one is.

The build quality really is top notch and you could not further from the shoddy quality of typical barbecue style equipment that you often see on sale at garden centres. The tough stainless steel chassis and the rigid build mean that each hog roast machine is built to last for years, not just for a couple of summers. Each machine is CE certified so that you now this is a good piece of kit. So what if you hire one and you love it? Well, Spitting Pig have some great deals available on if you want to change your hire into a purchase. It really is worth contacting the Spitting Pig team to see how you can make your hired machine into your own machine and save a few pounds into the bargain. So yes, you can hire for a variable amount of time but you may discover that your life would be much better if the machine was with you forever and if so, the team at Spitting Pig can certainly make it easy for you to turn you into a hog roast machine owner. Hog roasting is great for home events in the garden or for bigger events at concerts, so why put up with inferior equipment and rubbish catering when you can have the best catering there is?