Hog Roast Abersoch

The Best Hog Roasts in Abersoch

AbersochCatering has always fascinated me. I was always a bit of an anorak when it comes to the subject and would bore friends silly with my ideas on how parties could cater for people in a far better fashion. Going to events and functions in Abersoch and the surrounding areas was almost as much research for me as it was a matter of social enjoyment, so you could say I was a bit tiresome in that respect.

I would always be surprised that hosts would tolerate allowing their guests to suffer such tedious and boring food at special events. I would often look on in despair at some of the poor offerings often laid out that were excuses for event catering. However, one day, I was to be greeted with a new catering experience and it has led to me changing my career. It was the first time I was invited to a hog roast Abersoch event.

I had heard about hog roast hire Abersoch catering before but I had never had the chance to experience one first hand, so naturally I went with my critical head on, expecting to be bitterly disappointed as per usual, but the reality was very different. I was completely blown away by how utterly brilliant hog roast was. Not just the taste the overall experience. It was fantastic and it was that evening that I decided that becoming a hog roast hire Abersoch caterer was going to be my new career.

Leaders in Our Field

qaJob satisfaction is, from what I gather from friends, a pretty rare commodity with so many people seemingly unhappy in their work and just sticking with it to pay the bills, but I absolutely love my work. Cooking hog roast for the people of Abersoch and other locations nearby gives me a real sense of job satisfaction. There is something about hog roast that seems to give off a real feel good factor. I can’t really put my finger on what it is, but if you are feeling down, you should come along to my next hog roast Abersoch event to see for yourself.

I think my clients love hog roast because it offers so much more than just standard catering. Hog roast really does go that extra mile because it not only looks amazing but it tastes amazing, too. I always love it when people start arriving at the venue and the walk into the main room to see me with the hog roast cooking away. There are always gasps of delight as they catch sight of it and the children really do find it fascinating. In fact children seem to be bowled over by the whole look of hog roast. They must feel like they have stepped back in time when they see it!

It’s been about five years now since I started hog roasting, just at the time when there seemed to be a bit a whole new surge of interest developing in hog roast and traditional cooking. I guess this was great timing for me as a new hog roast Abersoch caterer. Since then I can honestly say that I have not looked back. Being a caterer is really enjoyable and you get to cater in some incredible and diverse places, from people’s back gardens to some incredible country houses and lovely hotels. And I have catered for a load of different events. I have hog roasted for many wedding breakfasts, civil partnerships, christenings, birthday parties, christenings, awards evenings, corporate events, charity events and many more. That is the beauty of hog roast as it is so versatile and can work breadat all manner of events. It really doesn’t matter if the event is a very formal occasion that needs everything to be prim and proper or one that is a really easy going style event that is just for fun laughs, I can serve my hog roast in a variety of ways to keep everyone very happy indeed. Posh hog roast (as I like to call it) means I get to do some really nice carving of the meat. It is quite incredible how smart hog roast can look when served up with sauce, crackling and vegetables. But of course it’s not just how it looks, its how it tastes and I know from all the fantastic feedback I get that it tastes wonderful. It’s the feedback I get that really puts a smile on my face and it makes all the hard hog roasting work in Abersoch so very worthwhile.

Whether it just a simple hog roast or a full sit down meal; hog roast Abersoch are willing to cater for all your needs. We recently catered for an event in which our classic pig in a bun took centre stage at a function at the town hall. 250 guests attended the event throughout the day and all of them were anxious to try our succulent pork with apple sauce, stuffing and golden crispy crackling stuffed into a soft floured bread roll. Many came back for a second time for sandwiches and to tell us that they plan to recommend us to family and friends for future events. This is exactly how we like our events to go.