Hog Roast Bala

The Best Hog Roasts in Bala

BalaI think that it is quite safe to say that I would never have seen myself as a hog roast Bala caterer five years ago. Sure, I have always enjoyed cooking for people and love experimenting with different ingredients but a caterer? No, never saw that coming. That was until I had to organise a work function for my old employers.

I don’t know why they chose me to organise things but I was more than happy to do my bit and try and impress the powers that be. Actually, I had a bit of an additional incentive because I thought the previous year’s work do catering was awful, so I had already made the decision that a new approach was very definitely needed. So, I did what my bosses were always encouraging staff to do and that was to ‘think outside the box’. This year was going to be a hog roast Bala do! I had been to a relative’s christening a year before and they had brought in a hog roast for the occasion. It was really fantastic, tasted great and everyone said that it was one of the best party catering solutions they had experienced, so it was a no brainer for me. I just had to hope that the bosses liked it. Then, I started to panic. I realised that our work functions usually meant inviting important clients, too, and DUDQE3592that they would probably not be too pleased with being given a pig in a bun as their main meal when they would probably be expecting something a little less hands on. I need not have worried because the hog roast chef came up with a great solution. I never knew that hog roast could also be served in a more formal fashion so I was mightily relieved when the chef explained what he thought we should do.

The meal went down a storm. The bosses loved it, the guests loved it, it was total triumph. It was also a great inspiration for me, because I decided that I would love to be a hog roast hire Bala caterer. To be able to make such a stunning meal and keep so many people entertained simply by cooking was brilliant. So here I am, a fully fledged hog roast Bala chef!

North Wales - pig2I probably made it all sound a little too simple, didn’t I? Well, the truth of the matter is that whilst hog roast comes across as a really simple Medieval dish, there’s actually quite a lot going on to make it the brilliant feast that it truly is and these are all things that maybe a lot of people don’t realise. Before I started hog roasting, I never realised just how selective the chefs were when it came to picking the meat. I assumed that if it was pig, it would be fine but of course I now know that there’s a lot more thought that goes into the process than that. I am lucky to have built up a great relationship with a wonderful local supplier who rears top quality pigs. I am so pleased with the quality of these that I see no reason to ever choose pigs from anywhere else. The quality of the meat really makes a difference to my hog roasts. It’s just like the top chefs are always saying, the best ingredients will always make the difference, and they are spot on.

I was also a bit shocked by how long it takes to cook a whole pig, but now I fully appreciate why it does take a log six hours. Each pig not only needs to be cooked but it needs the time to mature properly throughout the roasting process. This allows the all important juices in the meat to work their magic and create those superb aromas and amazing, succulent meat. I love it when you are at that stage when the aromas are filling the venue. People come up to me saying ‘that smells incredible?’ It’s a sure sign that people can’t wait to get stuck in and is music to my ears.

Hog roast may be a Medieval dish but it is more than keeping up with all the twenty first century catering solutions, if anything proving itself to be better than them all. And who would have thought that such an old feast would help me find as new career? I hope that you enjoy eating your Bala hog roast as much as I enjoy cooking it!