Hog Roast Betws y Coed

The Best Hog Roasts in Betws y Coed

Betws y coedThe village of Betws y Coed has always had a special plate in my heart. One of my earliest memories is of coming here in the summer to stay with relatives. I used to love it, and despite only living about 45 minutes away, it felt like a really special journey we were making. I never thought that one day I would be coming here on a weekly basis as part of my work! I am really pleased that is the case though!

So how did I come to be working in this special area from my childhood? Well, it’s simple really. My love of great tasting food is what has brought me here, for I am the hog roast hire Betws y Coed for this area. I have always loved cooking, ever since I used to watch my mum like a hawk in the kitchen. She was a mean pie maker and did absolutely everything from scratch. All her own pastry, only the best cuts of meat, she really did show a professional level of dedication to every single meal she made. Now I can certainly make a great pie myself when I put my mind to it but meat dishes are my speciality, which is a pretty good thing because hog roast Betws y Coed events is where I really get the chance to show off.

qaHog roast Betws y Coed events seem to have really taken off in the last few years. Certainly, when I first started out, there were signs that they were getting more popular, and now five years later I really do find that they are becoming more and more in demand. It is good to see that fresh cooking like this is staring to appeal to more and more people. And it really is a special fresh cooking experience that you won’t forget. Hog roast really does look amazing when it is cooking away on the hog roast machine. I have had lots of people take photographs of me tending to hog roast over the years; in fact I must be in hundreds of photograph albums. I don’t mind, I love it.

Leaders in Our Field

Seriously, people do enjoy watching the cooking process, especially as it is the first time many of them will have ever been to a hog roast. They will also have been subjected to that most powerful of potions at the hog roast hire Betws y Coed caterers disposal; the incredible aromas of hog roast. It really is a quite amazing smell and, once you have had a whiff of it, you are pretty much powerless to resist it. Actually, they are lucky that I don’t do all the cooking whilst they are there because it would just be too much for them to bear. You see it takes me around six hours to cook an averaged sized pig, so it is simply impractical for me to cook that at the beginning of each occasion. For this reason, I always start it off way in advance, so I only need to finish the cooking off in front of the guests. Still, even that is long enough to get their juices flowing.

FullSizeRenderEvents have soared in the past 12 months with the word of mouth obviously getting around the town from previous guests at a hog roast Betws y Coed function. We catered for 130 guests recently who had opted for our traditional hog roast to be carved at 6pm with a number of accompaniments. A selection of fresh green leaf salad, tomato & basil salad, carrot & orange salad with sesame dressing (all freshly prepared on site whilst the hog roasted) were served with the main along with some warm new potatoes in herb butter. The guests were also served tea and fresh coffee to the tables by our extremely professional and efficient staff who often receive compliments on their service. This has come to be expected though. We cleared up and left many happy faces (and stomachs) to enjoy the rest of their event.

I have catered for so many events in Betws y Coed over the years that I have lost count of how many hog roasts I have prepared. Actually, it’s not always pigs that I cook. I have cooked a few lamb roasts and chicken roasts, too, but hog roast is by far the most popular of the options. It’s also one of the most versatile options too. The great thing about a Betws y Coed hog roast is that it works for any sort of event. Hog roast is one of those universal flavours that can work anywhere. Take a big birthday bash for example (and I have done plenty of these). What you really want at a birthday is lots of fun and for it not to be too serious. The food needs to mirror that so hot hog roast rolls are ideal. Each one packed with meat, apple sauce and crackling makes for great party food. And if you want something far more formal, maybe for a wedding breakfast, I can serve up a wonderful gourmet pork dish that really will look quite special, even if I do say so myself!

Being a Betws y Coed hog roast caterer is a lot of hard work, but to be honest, it hardly feels like it and that’s because I love what I do so much. Better still I think my clients enjoy the food as much I enjoy cooking it!