Hog Roast Buckley

Hog Roast BuckleyThis music loving Flintshire town near the Welsh-English border hosts regular community events and offers a blend of the old and the new. If you are hosting an event in the Buckley area and you are seeking a local catering company who can tick all of your boxes too, the Hog Roast Buckley team are it!

We offer an exciting fusion of traditional hog roast cookery with our own inventive mobile catering menus. Not only does this mean that hiring us will give you the opportunity to enjoy the best hog roast catering in Buckley, you will also be able to select a varied menu that caters for all tastes. So, if you would love to have a mighty hog roast centrepiece for your event but you are concerned that it may not be suitable for all of your guests, your worries are over! We will provide a menu which meets everyone’s criteria that is brimming with as many freshly made dishes as you require.

Varied Hog Roast Menus For Any Occasion in Buckley

Although we are best known for the unrivalled quality of our hog roasts, our signature dish is far from all that we can offer our clients in Buckley. If required, we are happy to provide an alternative meat such as whole roasted chicken, sirloin of beef or tender Welsh lamb. Hog Roast Buckley’s slow and delicate cooking method works very effectively with lots of other meats as well as our classic hog roasts, enabling us to provide plenty of equally succulent and delicious alternatives.

Hog Roast BuckleyWe also provide diverse party platters, themed menus, BBQ banquets, festive feasts and fine dining menus for weddings, private parties and corporate hospitality in Buckley, all with lots of vegetarian and vegan options, an abundance of seasonal side dishes and salads to choose from and gluten-free products if required. We can make all of our food from scratch in any outdoor venue in Buckley, as well as certain type of indoor settings too.

Hog Roast Buckley have the versatility to meet your brief and surpass your expectations for any occasion in Buckley with our unbeatable hog roasts and flexible freshly made menus that appeal to all tastes.

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