Hog Roast Flint

Hog Roast FlintFrom the majestic ruins of Flint Castle to the epic coastline, Flint has so much to offer locals and visitors alike. If you have chosen this atmospheric setting to be the location of an upcoming event, your guests will definitely be impressed by the views. If you have found the perfect venue for the occasion but you haven’t managed to find the right catering company who can provide you with the quality of food that you want for your event, your search is over.

Here at Hog Roast Flint, we specialise in supplying artisan hog roasts and tailored catering packages for just about any occasion you can think of in Flint. We offer balanced and beautifully made menus for weddings, private parties and corporate entertaining, as well as being the ideal local caterers for large-scale public event catering too. Whatever event you need catering for, it will be all the better for one of our eye-catching hog roast centrepieces accompanied by a vibrant array of side dishes, all freshly made on site to your liking.

Unbeatable Hog Roast Catering Menus For Any Event In Flint

Hog Roast FlintWe may specialise in hog roasts, but that doesn’t mean it is all we can offer you when it comes to event catering in Flint. If you haven’t already, a quick look at our menus page will reveal just how diverse our catering packages can be. From alternative slow cooked meats served with all the trimmings and our own handmade burgers and gourmet sausages, to themed menus, fine dining options and vegetarian and vegan dishes, the Hog Roast Flint team can do it all.

We will tailor your menu to meet your specifications and give you and your guests a truly unique outdoor dining experience. We can freshly prepare all of our food in any setting in Flint, so you can choose anywhere that is permitted to hold outdoor events safe in the knowledge that the quality of the catering will be second to none in any scenic outdoor location in Flint.

Hog Roast Flint have the scope to provide premium mobile catering services, unbeatable hog roasts and creative catering solutions for any event in Flint, with options to suit all preferences, budgets and occasions.

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