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I guess you could say that I am one of those people that you can’t shut up. I am a real chatterbox and just love meeting people, chatting about their lives and sharing some of my many, many stories with them…and I’ve got lots, I’ll tell you! I am just a really sociable person, I love being with people and making them smile. In fact it was because I can’t help myself with talking to people and everything that I became a hog roast hire Menai Bridge caterer. There was me thinking that my big mouth would get me into trouble one day, but instead, it got me a job.

Well, it is not quite as simple as that. You see I was lucky enough to get invited to a friend’s birthday bash at a local hotel which turned out to be a big hog roast Menai Bridge affair with some 90 plus people there. Of course, I talked to most of them! It was, I’m afraid to admit, the first time I had been to a hog roast event so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. After all, part of me thought we were going to be heating some big hairy wild boar, and that did not appeal to me at all to be honest. I need not have worried, though as hog roast is actually pig, not wild boar. As for the taste of it? Well, it was something else. Amazing actually, and I thought that being a hog roast hire Menai Bridge caterer just had to be a fantastic job, what with going different places, meeting people and making them smile with great food. What more could I possibly want.

Well I have now being looking after people for four years with my hog roasting; I’ve catered for a huge range of events. I’ve catered for a lot of fantastic hog roast Menai Bridge weddings in some really quite wonderful surroundings, parties at hotels, pubs and stately homes, some really fun Christenings, some very macho sportsmen’s dinners, big birthday bashes indeed, loads of anniversaries….and many more. You name it; I have hog roasted for it!

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FullSizeRenderI was recently hired to cater at a pub in Menai Bridge. Pub events can be a great event to cater at. Set up in the beer garden in the summer sun with a nice pair of shorts and plenty of fun and exciting people to get along with throughout the day and you’re onto a winner! Once the machine was set and the hog was roasting I got stuck into readying the condiments for the hog roast. Just imagine a beer in one hand and a succulent hog roast sandwich in the other with crispy crackling, apple sauce and stuffing to fill the rest of the soft floured roll; that is exactly what the guests experienced it the brutal summer sun that day.

Hog roasting is definitely a lot of pretty hard work, so I shouldn’t make it all sound so easy. I certainly don’t sit around and talk all day. There’s an awful lot of planning and work involved and cutting corners is not an option. One of the most important parts of my job is making sure that I use the very best possible meat and that means choosing very carefully. Of course, this just gives me another chance to have a good old chat with my meat supplier who I use for all my meat. All his pigs are excellent and I know that they have all been well looked after. It shows in the taste, as they are always first class.

I know that a lot of people in and around Menai Bridge are still struggling in this tough times when it comes to money, and it must be tempting for them to simply have a special occasion at home, but many of them don’t realise how even doing that can be very expensive these days, so they may as well bring in the pro (that’s me). Having said that, hog roast is certainly a lot more affordable than many people might realise, especially when you consider you get someone to cook it for you. It also feeds around one hundred people, which is pretty good, I’d say. That’s more people than you get at many events plus you are getting the benefit of some fresh cooking too. As for having a chat, I’m afraid I’ll be a bit too busy roasting the pig for you. A Menai Bridge hog roast chef is always hard at it!