Hog Roast Oswestry

The Best Hog Roasts In Oswestry

North Wales - pig2I am a hog roasting caterer based in North Wales. The rising popularity of hog roasting as part of, or even the focus of, special events has increased over the past several years. Because of this, I am kept very busy, especially on weekends and at Christmas time.

This particular event I attended was called hog roast Oswestry. An honour and a nod to the locally produced Welsh Pig and to pig farmers. The event included all manner of stalls with arts and crafts and baked goods, each featuring pigs as its theme. Some folk even came in pig costumes! Oswestry is an old Welsh market town on the border with England in Shropshire County. It has a tumultuous history of being ruled by both the Welsh and the English which has resulted in it having a blended language. Oswestry boasts the highest waterfall in both England and Wales and has a number of beautifully preserved Tudor buildings situated throughout town. The name Oswestry comes from a gruesome part of its history which saw King Oswald, from Northumbria, killed and nailed to a tree, creating the landmark of ‘Oswald’s Tree’, later corrupted to ‘Oswestry’.

Leaders In Our Field

And so to Hog Roast Oswestry! The Council, who invited me to cater this event, expected approximately 1500 people, depending on the weather, which, as it turns out, did Wales proud that day. And so, for an event this size, I determined that I required one very large hog indeed, and opted to purchase one weighing 85 kilos. I brought along my wife, as she acts as my assistant, and together, with our Titan Hog Roasting Machine and its add-on chicken spit, we were able to do both the large hog and an uncountable number of roast jacket potatoes!

It was a busy day, indeed, and knowing this would be the case, we got in touch weeks before with The Spitting Pig Company to ask for some assistance. They happily provided two staff members to keep our condiment and sauce table clean and well-stocked and to ensure everyone was able to be served quickly and efficiently. Though I suppose I could easily use local youths to help cater, I always choose to contact The Spitting Pig Company because I feel their staff, who are competitively priced, are very knowledgeable about the workings of the machines as well as how to cater to large crowds whilst retaining the ability to cater to the individuals’ special needs, should there be any. Occasionally, too, I find I need to hire additional equipment as part of the company’s hog roast hire Oswestry services and it’s easier and less hassle to deal with one company who can affordably meet all my needs.

qaAt this event, I was asked to set up a ways away from the main course of stalls and baked goods so that no smoke encroached on the people there, and because of this, the terrain was bumpy grass and quite boggy in places. But the Titan stood up well to this challenge and we were easily able to place her where she needed to be with no worries about her stability and/or workability. The meat was well underway when the staff arrived, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to start the day. At each event, there are always hangers-on – people who come to marvel at the way the machines work and of course, to take in the enticing smells emanating from the roaster. I think, too, they’re itching to be first in the queue to get themselves a share of the food! As well, at each event, there is a window of two hours or so when absolutely everyone visiting the event, gets hungry at the same time and a huge queue forms just in front of the roaster. It’s always good-natured and fun, with the queue moving quickly due to the fast and efficient way you can carve the meat and serve it up. There’s no wasted food and there’s very little wasted time.

I never get tired of attending these events. And I never doubt the flexibility and good value I have gotten and will continue to get from The Spitting Pig Company’s hog roast hire Oswestry packages as well as equipment. Events like these give me an opportunity to meet new people, and to – as they say these days – network. I go home completely exhausted, but very satisfied at a day’s work done well. And without fail, the profits are always in the black!

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