Hog Roast Rhos

Hog Roast RhosHog Roast Rhos is a fine food event caterer with a special aptitude for high quality meats and roasts made in the traditional manner of rotisserie style spit roasting. Our services are a unique addition to any event as we bring genuine roast taste and a traditional aesthetic to fully round out a catered experience that goes above and beyond. With Hog Roast Rhos you’re getting more than just a plate on the table. We make catering an event in itself as we bring modern flair together with the spectacle of traditional spit roasting – a classic roasting method we believe deserves its time back in the kitchen.

The result of our efforts is a dazzling display of slow cooking brilliance that also, handily, turns out the most exquisite food and meat roasts you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting. With the hog roaster our chefs can attain a perfect roast that has the entire pork well textured with crispy skin while the underlying meat retains all its juicy flavour and tender meatiness.

For Rhos we cater to any type of occasion with no barrier to size or budgets; corporate functions, parties, weddings, community functions, festivals, anniversaries and more – we do it all! With us you can also be assured that you are continuing to support local industry, as we put an onus on sourcing from local British stocks and farms.

Bespoke Catering In Rhos

Hog Roast RhosHog Roast Rhos allows you to dine in style at your events. We have a number of service and menu packages that fit all varying types of events, and each is at your leisure to refine and shape to make the event dining experience the way you want it. No event is the same, so whether it is formal or informal dining, indoor or outdoor, a glam affair or a casual family cook-out Hog Roast Rhos will have the goods. Speak to our team today to start creating your perfect event dining experience with Hog Roast Rhos. We’ll work to your budget too without ever limiting you on quality, and with many dishes spanning from roast meats to veggie skewers, appetising nibbles, platters and so on there is no end to the brilliance on offer!

We can’t wait to hear from you, and even more to cook for you – so call Hog Roast Rhos today!

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