Hog Roast Whitchurch

Hog Roast WhitchurchThe Hog Roast Whitchurch team have been at the forefront of hog roast catering in this Shropshire market town on the Welsh border for many years. We have remained in pole position thanks to our commitment to our craft and our passion for sharing the ancient art of hog roasting with as many diners a possible in the area.

We love showing people time and time again at events we cater for in Whitchurch that our hog roast menus really are suitable for any occasion. Our expertly prepared pork is always sourced from the most ethical UK food producers who can supply us with the highest calibre of free-range meat. Our skilled hog roast chefs then undertake the delicate cooking process that we are so well known for, and we are able to achieve the same melt-in the mouth results every time.

We can travel to and catering in just about any setting in and around Whitchurch, including large open public spaces that are permitted to have events, specialist outdoor venues, private gardens and business premises. Hog Roast Whitchurch are able to provide the full range of our catering services in any location and we will make all of our food from scratch at your venue in front of you and your guests.

Creative Hog Roast Catering For Any Occasion In Whitchurch

Hog Roast WhitchurchIf you have guests with different dietary needs or you need to cater for a mixed group with diverse tastes, we’re sure that you will be pleased to learn that we also offer very varied menus and lots of different dishes that can be served alongside our infamous hog roasts. We can provide alternative spit roasted meats if requirements, flame grilled platters of BBQ favourites featuring our own gourmet sausages and handmade burgers, as well as meat and dairy-free dishes that will be a big hit with any vegetarian or vegan diners.

Our creative hog roast catering services and flexible approach make us the ideal local catering company for any event in Whitchurch, so if you would like a free quote for your event or to find out more about our bespoke catering packages, please give us a call here at Hog Roast Whitchurch!

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