Hog Roast Colwyn Bay’s Traditional Centrepiece For 24 Hungry Guests

When Carla first asked Hog Roast Colwyn Bay to cater her dad’s 70th birthday party, she was under the impression that we only cook hog roasts. While they are our strong suit, our speciality and something that we have spent years perfecting, it’s also useful for our customers to know that we offer so much more instead of or as well as, if needed.

Hog Roast Colwyn Bay

We have all kinds of additional options available, such as spit-roasted chicken, turkey, lamb or beef, or we could cook you a gourmet barbecue. Whether you’re planning a fancy do or an informal get-together, we can serve multiple courses, with some sit-down dishes and a buffet-style hog or spit roast, or you and your guests can enjoy a wealth of choice with our Southern Slow Roast Menu, which gives you three marinated meats and four sides. 

We also have plenty of alternative choices too, so if any of your guests have dietary restrictions, they can still eat our tasty food, as long as you let us know in advance of your party or event. 

For Carla’s dad’s birthday, she asked us to cook a traditional hog roast centre-piece for the 24 guests, and to serve the meat and crackling with a potato dish and some seasonal vegetables, as well as our homemade trio of onion gravy, apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing. You can choose from a variety of potatoes and vegetables when it comes to Hog Roast Colwyn Bay, and Carla decided on our new potatoes with herbs, carrots, parsnip and broccoli. She also needed a vegetarian option for one of the guests, and while we have several popular dishes, we get lots of compliments on our veggie kebabs, where we grill skewered halloumi and vegetables and then serve with our Tzatziki dip and pitta bread, so Carla asked us to provide these too.

On the day of the party, our Hog Roast Colwyn Bay team members set up our equipment in the large back garden at Carla’s parents’ home and roasted the hog to perfection over several hours. The hog roast feast was devoured just as quickly as the vegetarian option was and everyone had seconds or more.