Hog Roast Ffestiniog puts the H in Holiday!

The holiday season is fast approaching, with Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year  peeking from around the corner, making us all impatiently count the days left of work until a very much needed holiday. At Hog Roast Ffestiniog, we strongly believe that every holiday is special and should be spent relaxing and enjoying time with friends and loved ones!

Hog Roast FfestiniogHog Roast Ffestiniog is here to make your holiday the most enjoyable it could be, by taking away the burden of cooking from you, allowing you to unwind with your friends and family while savouring delicious hog roast, with warm bread rolls and roasted potatoes. Or, perhaps, you might prefer to lay back with some skewers abundant in colourful, crunchy roasted vegetables with pieces of halloumi, in a warm wrap with some sweet chilli sauce. To top it off, Hog Roast Ffestiniog serve all these meals with delicious cauliflower cheese and seasonal vegetable medley, which allow for an explosion of flavours when combined with either the meat or the skewers, leaving your taste buds to enjoy a holiday of sorts themselves!

Hog Roast FfestiniogRegardless of what delights are on your plate this festive season, Hog Roast Ffestiniog also gives a dessert option, which is perfect way to finish after each and any meal!

Spend your upcoming holidays with style, with Hog Roast Ffestiniog! Don’t let those special days just go to waste, throw a fun party, and celebrate your friends with delicious foods prepared by our lovely caterers.

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