Chinese New Year – Hog Roast Rhos on Sea

Next Friday welcomes the Year of the Ox as celebrations will undergo across the world to celebrate the traditional Chinese calendar.

Hog Roast Rhos on Sea loves watching the fireworks and seeing the celebrations across social media platforms but how can you join you? The simple answer, is through food. Hog Roast Rhos on Sea enjoys to prep traditional Chinese food around this time of year, as an honour to the Chinese celebrations. Throughout the years, Hog Roast Rhos on Sea has learnt that each traditional Chinese food eaten on the new year eve have different meanings.

  • Hog Roast Rhos on SeaDumplings – extremely delicious speciality of the Chinese. If eaten in the new year it means that the year ahead will offer wealth. The dumplings can be filled with many different foods such as pork, shrimp, chicken, beef or vegetables. Which filling takes your fancy? Traditionally, a copper coin would be inserted into one of the dumplings and whoever receives the dumpling with it in would become wealthy.
  • Noodles – simple but flavourful and goes with most Chinese dishes. Eating noodles is meant to represent longevity and happiness.
  • Fish – Catfish is a popular dish for Chinese New Year and is meant to represent prosperity, that the person will have a surplus year.
  • Spring rolls – a Hog Roast Rhos on Sea canap√© amongst the Dim Sum selection. Spring Rolls are meant to bring prosperity and wealth.
  • Rice cakes – extremely yummy and represents a higher position in work.
  • Sweet Rice Balls – a classic during the new year. It is said to bring happiness.
  • Fruit – a medley of flavour and colours, fruit is meant to bring fullness and wealth.

What will you be eating? Hog Roast Rhos on Sea will be making some shrimp and vegetable dumplings,  sweet and sour stir-fry served with noodles and spring rolls on the side as well as making some sweet rice balls and a fruit platter to finish. After 2020, a year full of happiness, fullness, prosperity and wealth would be amazing!