Festive Menus Now Available For Booking with Hog Roast Ruthin

It’s nearly that time of year again. The decorations start hitting the supermarket aisles. The nights begin to draw in and the chillier weather has us all wanting to be cosy at home. Mariah Carey gets her singing voice tuned up and her list of gifts she’s wanting drafted. And Michael Bublé returns from cryo freeze for another album.

Yes, it is indeed nearly the most wonderful time of the year again, and for Hog Roast Ruthin that means gearing up for one of the busiest catering seasons of all – Christmas!

Hog Roast RuthinThe Christmas dinner is staple of British culture, and so too is the end of year work parties, the joining of which is a perfect storm for a roast caterer like Hog Roast Ruthin! Our bookings fill up quick, so if you’re still searching for a caterer or a restaurant to serve your staff Christmas parties then you better get in to us at Hog Roast Ruthin quick.

Hog Roast RuthinWith Christmas dining you can never really go wrong with the classic: a golden turkey, delicious stuffing, sprouts, roast potatoes as far as the eye can see, and of course the classic puddings too! With Hog Roast Ruthin you can get all that and then some. As the prime roast caterer in the nation we are the best choice for the best roast dinner of the year; our spit roast style is perfect for Christmas dining, turning your turkey roasts into an even greater sight than any other you’ve had before. But that is not all you get with Hog Roast Ruthin! Our hog roast itself is also an excellent option for Christmas dining. Many often prefer a ham option to a turkey option for Christmas and our whole pig roast is a perfect version of that swap. Enjoy an authentic hog roast complete with all the trimmings of stuffing, crackling, apple sauce, and veggies for your festive feast!

Hog Roast Ruthin will deliver a premium festive feast for you and yours this Christmas – provided you’re not on the naughty list and get your booking in early! So get on your skates and get over to our team today for your festive menu now.

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