Hog Roast Abergwyngregyn – Crown Your Coronation Party with a Hog Roast!

Hog Roast AbergwyngregynThe year hasn’t even started but the 2023 calendar already brings us a rare, once-in-a-lifetime kind of event in May as we look to  the king’s coronation on May 6th. Coronations are one of those special kind of events that only a nation like Britain is still blessed with, and so for what is bound to be a gargantuan weekend where the entire nation is off work and partying why not invite Hog Roast Abergwyngregyn to crown your coronation event with a hog roast!

Hog roasts have been a staple of events and celebrations across the globe for centuries. It is one of those excellent traditions that can bring an event together, and as roast dining is such a British favourite what better a dish to pair with the biggest British celebration of all. We cook in the authentic spit roast style, a culinary process most certainly fit for a king, to add more quality to your catering as well as giving your event the benefit of an incredible cooking spectacle too. The traditional hog roast would have been enjoyed in centuries past by regal members as they toasted to great town and community celebrations, the hog roast itself capable of feeding whole armies, townships, and kings guard on account of its size and quality.

Hog Roast AbergwyngregynHog Roast Abergwyngregyn brings that tradition back for the biggest and best events of the year, though with our own modern touch as we transpose the fire pit roast to a more mobile machine roasting unit for easier transportation and more flexible use. We can quite easily park one or even more of our roasting machines on your road for your street party and feed the entire street with our hog roasts, beef roasts, chicken drums, lamb spits, roast potatoes, gourmet burgers and sausages, roasted veg, fresh salads and slaws, rolls and wraps, jackfruit alternatives, and so many more sides and desserts!

Hog Roast Abergwyngregyn are equipped for any size of event, so for the biggest celebration in 2023 you can be confident in our catering to meet a regal standard at your coronation event! Get calling early to the Hog Roast Abergwyngregyn team to ensure your place with us now.

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