Hog Roast Rhos Halloween Fair

Although it’s not quite Halloween yet it is about time that people start making preparations and getting their outfits and decorations together. Every year Rhos holds a Halloween fair where people can buy materials and decorations for one of the biggest events of the year. There’s also haunted houses and ghost trains set up to get everyone in the mood and of course there are masses of food stalls. Hog Roast Rhos were lucky enough to secure a stall and the whole team were excited to see the fair as it is always a day to remember.

We set up our stall to showcase everything we can offer. We had Surrey - chickena hog slowly roasting away in the back that we had scored and rubbed salt onto the skin to make sure we had plenty of lovely crackling to serve to people. We also prepared some whole roasted turkeys to entice people to start thinking ahead to Christmas and the food they will be needing for then. In addition to this we had some Cajun roasted chickens and a mint and rosemary seasoned leg of lamb, so we really did have something for everyone. Just to be sure we also prepared a couple of items off our vegetarian menu such as halloumi kebabs and our delicious homemade vegetable tart.

In no time at all we had attracted a queue as we always do as everyone was eager to try our Hog Roast Rhos. As usual people couldn’t get enough of our crispy crackling as it really is so tasty and delicious we can’t blame them! A couple of people were also interested in booking us for parties they were hosting in the next couple of weeks having taken inspiration from the fair and deciding last minute they wanted to host a Halloween party. We were more than happy to oblige as it’s just another excuse to do what we love again which is preparing spectacular catering and this time we get to get involved and dress up for Halloween too!


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