miserable month of January

January can be a pretty miserable month, and although the weather hasn’t been quite that bad over the last week or so I’m still seeing a lot of people in the North Wales area looking less than happy about the new year.  It’s supposed to be a time of new beginnings and fresh starts but sometimes after all the celebrating on New Year’s Eve is over it can look a bit bleak in the morning.  Fortunately there’s none of that here at hog roast Laleston – we’re a pretty happy bunch generally speaking.  It’s a great atmosphere here – we all get on very well and you have to be pretty friendly because you’re meeting new people all the time and often lending a helping hand at their celebrations.  It’s infectious, it rubs off on you.  And the other thing is, I’ve got the perfect cure for those mid-January blues.  What you need is a delicious and warming hot pork roll from hog roast hire Laleston!  I’m not joking – it really will turn that round upside down.  It’s the perfect comfort food – the carbs, the protein, a little bit of pork fat (a little won’t hurt), the warmth, the simplicity, it all adds up into the perfect snack to get you feeling on top of the world again.  We always get a couple of people around this time of year who will come over to our stall obviously desperate for a hot pork roll and hang around looking a little bit sad.  Invariably, it’s the curse of the new year’s diet.  Personally, I think January is the worst time of year to diet – it’s always new year’s resolutions and they always end up getting broken.  The problem with the new year’s resolution is, it’s something in the past.  If you want to lose weight, you need a goal in the future to aim for – my wife knows not to try and persuade me to the lose any weight in the winter, it’s just not going to happen.  If I’m going to diet I do it before the summer so I’m going to look good in a swimming costume!  Here’s my message to the dieters – the official word of hog roast Laleston – treat yourself to a hot pork roll!  It will make you feel good about yourself – much better than trying to hit an arbitrary dietary target.  And then go for a run afterwards to work it off – the exercise will make you feel good too.  Generally speaking, I eat at least one hot pork roll a day and I’m a fine figure of a man (or so I’m told).  So if you want some of that happiness to rub off on you and your friends get on the phone and dial the number for hog roast hire Laleston – we bring that barbeque summer feeling to you, any place, any time of the year.