Celebrating A Baby Shower With Hog Roast Cemaes

If you’ve recently found yourself in charge of planning an event that you’re desperate to impress your guests at, while simultaneously taking the stress of cooking off your shoulders, then look no further because Hog Roast Cemaes is here to help! Our decades of combined experience make us an unrivalled force in the catering industry and our wide variety of menu options ensure that no one feels left out or leaves the party feeling hungry.

Hog Roast CemaesWith so much to prepare ahead of her upcoming baby shower, Katrina had decided to get in touch with our customer service team at Hog Roast Cemaes to see what kind of service options we could offer that would help to make her event run more smoothly. After taking the time to get to know the client a little better, the team was able to recommend our finger-licking, southern slow roast menu which is composed of dishes inspired by classic American cuisine which Katrina was excited to go ahead with. The client was so relieved that the responsibility of cooking for 85 people had been taken off her hands and she couldn’t wait to see the finished result in person.

Fortunately, with the event just around the corner Katrina didn’t have long to wait and on the day of the baby shower, Hog Roast Cemaes arrived at the client’s home where they pitched the catering gazebo before throwing themselves into preparations for the buffet. Hours later, the catering crew presented Katrina with an irresistible spread of BBQ pork butt, Texan 24 hour beef brisket and cajun spiced whole roast chickens along with side options of Memphis style crunchy coleslaw, buttery corn cobbettes, creamy mac and cheese and cajun spiced sweet potato wedges. For vegetarian and vegan guests, the team had also whipped up our famous grilled veggie skewers with optional haloumi which left Katrina speechless.

Everyone had a wonderful afternoon of playing traditional baby shower games and helping themselves to the flavourful feast of succulent meat and side options which helped get the guests, and mum-to-be even more hyped for the arrival of Katrina’s bouncing baby boy.