Hog roast Crickhowell Birthday celebrations


Birthday celebrations for us all at hog roast Crickhowell at the weekend we were one year old! And we wanted to celebrate in style and felt it was a huge milestone and one that should be savoured and celebrated with all our wonderful staff. We all met at the office at 8am and we all felt relaxed and chilled which makes a change for a Saturday morning! We placed the pig on the machine and then set to work decorating the office with some banners and streamers we chopped the salad and made some of our lovely apple sauce and then we all had a glass or three and felt rather merry! Hog roast hire Crickhowell had invited local businesses in our village and our suppliers and past customers at around noon the pig was nearly cooked and we must say the smell was sensational! No matter how many times we cook pig we still say ”Wow” as we are mesmerised by the wonderful smell it never fails to amaze us. We greeted our guests with a cool glass of champagne and everyone chatted to one another the pig was cooked and it looked wonderful as we carved the meat it just fell off the bone and the guests helped them selves to salad and when the cracking appeared within ten minutes it disappeared that is nothing new! A few of us said a few words and thanked our staff and suppliers for helping this year be such a success we did feel a little emotional and I could feel my eyes starting to well up pride I think it was so proud of each and every member of staff proud at how well everyone coped even when we were rushed off our feet and feeling nervous in the early days we coped so well all pulling together, we all raised our glasses and wished the company well and saluted one another we cannot wait to see what the year ahead has in store for us and cannot wait to face the challenges ahead hard work and determination are playing dividends for us all!