We travelled miles last Monday for a hog roast in Pencader!


Glorious sunshine on a May bank holiday what could be better! We travelled miles on Monday to do a hog roast in Pencader for a birthday party and were in good spirits when we arrived we were greeted by the husband of the lady who’s birthday it was and he had went to such great effort to ensure she had a lovely day double checking we had every thing in hand hog roast thought it so sweet. He wanted everything and nothing was spared Duck, chicken, lamb and pork plenty of meats to keep the hungry guests going we then made lots of nice salads and dips the tables looked amazing.Spitting Pig Catering When the lady arrived she looked so pleased with her hog roast in Pencader and we couldn’t help but smile her husband was really pleased with him self for making his wife happy and the nice thing was they were both eight five! Wednesday we were south east for a small gathering another birthday and this time there were smaller numbers than the last we were catering for fifty big or small we don’t mind all still get the same care and attention. This time we made chicken open sandwiches with fresh hot stuffing and did some jacket potatoes we made some lovely fillings too and the guests tucked into the food. The rest of the week was rather quiet but that is until this weekend and we are away again catering up north for a village fate and one we love to do as it is now a regular occurrence we have been asked to cater there before and enjoyed it so much as the fate is always crowded and the day just flies by we love to get asked to come back to jobs time and time again. Hog roasting is something we do in Pencader and the surrounding areas that we love, it started off as a hobby but has now turned into a full time job and it was the best move we ever made we are passionate about what we do and think if you are passionate about something we know you will more than succeed that we believe is fact.

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