Easy On The Pocket And Loved By All, Call Hog Roast Rhos on Sea!

Here at Hog Roast Rhos on Sea, we’ve spent a long time perfecting our menus to include all kinds of food and not just the hog roast centrepieces that we’re famous for. While our sumptuous hog roasts are mouthwatering masterpieces that are loved by many and which we make into either hog roast rolls or plated meals (together with the freshly-cooked meat and crackling, seasonal vegetables and potatoes and our homemade trio of apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing and gravy), we also understand the need for alternative and additional dishes. Our customers often ask us for both of these, whether to satisfy varying tastes, special diets or bigger appetites.

Hog Roast Rhos on SeaWhen it comes to alternative mains, your carnivore guests can enjoy stunning spit-roasted meat instead of a hog roast if preferred, like turkey, chicken, lamb or beef. We also have Hog Roast Rhos on Sea speciality menus on offer, like our Loaded Fries, which feature fresh-cooked fries topped with beef or pork, a spicy or zesty slaw and melting cheese, or our Southern Slow Roast, which gives you no less than three marinated main meats and four sides too. Guests following special diets can also enjoy alternatives, like our veggie skewers, homemade mac and cheese and Spanish quiche – just let us know your needs when you book and we’ll whip up a suitable option on the day that’s just as tasty as our meaty dishes. Plus if you need starters, sides, desserts or handmade canap├ęs, we can easily help you to create the menu of your dreams.

With Hog Roast Rhos on Sea at the helm, you can be sure of great food at a great price, and for a private party that we catered this afternoon, our new customer was shocked at our great array of choice and variety and the fact that it was easy on his pocket. With sixty guests to feed, our amazing pigs in buns was a great decision, as a hog goes a long way to feed a large group of people, and after we slow-cooked a pig for hours on end, everyone invited got to enjoy our signature dish until it was completely stripped clean.