Hog Roast Chirk

Hog Roast Chirk

Last week we were hired to cater for an evening wedding reception for a lady called Kim in Chirk. We met Kim to discuss her requirements at her parents home where the wedding was to take place. Kim explained that the wedding was taking place in tepees, with a separate teepee for the champagne reception and the evening food.

Kim instructed us that she wanted a straightforward hog roast with a second choice of meat which she decided was beef.She then proceeded to show us where we would be serving on the evening and this was in the delightful grounds of her parents home in Chirk, complete with a lake, peacocks, mandarin ducks, geese, ducks etc, a perfect setting for a a 031wedding. Kim’s father had an avid interest in vintage classic car racing and the guests were able to view his collection as they arrived. As the guests had their wedding breakfast meal at 5.30p.m. Kim wanted a late service time of 10.30 to 11p.m. The rock band started up and everyone was up on their feet enjoying the music. The evening air started to get chilly and the aroma of the hog roast and beef circulated around the tepees and then it was service time and the guests followed the aroma just like the advert on the television the bisto kid with noses in the air and mouths watering. Many guests came back for seconds and thanked us for our service and delicious food and took business cards for future events from Hog Roast Chirk.

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