Our most favourite times of year hog roast Blaina !

September catering is one of our most favourite times of year with a hog roast in Blaina yes we love it even more than summer! You may think that strange but we love out door catering in the cold it really makes us feel so good warming everyone up with delicious hot food. We were north on Sunday and again in a field catering for a group of villagers who were holding a get together for the new residents that had just moved into the village now that is what you call community spirit! We were asked to clip the bbq plat on and we were keen to let all the locals taste our unique bbq food.Eventful weekend Pure beef burgers and jumbo burgers at that made by our good selves out of one hundred percent beef nice and chunky and ever so tasty nothing added and nothing taken away, also our own sausages that we make too made from the finest pork and beef and we also make flavoursome sausages made from herbs and spices which are super delicious and we are always coming up with new recipes and ideas for our guests. We also make our own bread buns we bake then fresh on the day of each event and we never ever settle for anything that isn’t one hundred percent fresh we are very particular and feel it is the best and only way to be if you are successful in business. We set up our Blaina hog roast machine and placed the sausages and burgers onto cook they really don’t take long at all as the burgers were cooking we made a huge dish of salad using different types of lettuce leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, celery and we made a wonderful lime dressing which goes so well with the meats and salads we were soon handing out the burgers and sausages in buns to very hungry guests and all were coming back for more! It’s a good job we bring plenty it may have been a dull day and a bit cold but to be honest we all didn’t realise as we were entranced in cooking and eating wonderful food.