Planning An Outdoor Wedding? Hog Roast Caerwys Is Here To Help!

Littered with mediaeval castles, breath taking mountain ranges and spectacular sea views, North Wales is a truly incredible place for getting married outdoors. And for those keen to do so, Hog Roast Caerwys is here to help!

Now, we know that the not-so-great weather here in North Wales is something that puts many brides and grooms off tying the knot in the great outdoors. Not to mention the fact that most caterers will require access to electrical outlets, making rural alfresco catering impossible. But what if we told you that Hog Roast Caerwys is the solution to both of these problems?

Determined to give our customers and clients the best experience possible, we have designed our equipment with accessibility and inclusivity in mind. This means that our machines do not require access to plugin points and instead run on gas canisters, meaning we can rustle up our mouth-watering feasts from any location of your choosing.

We’ve been to many rural celebrations over the years, and our customers have always been impressed by the high standard of food we produce regardless of location. From open fields to remote woodland spots and the coast, we’ve catered all over the region!

Hog Roast Caerwys As for keeping you sheltered from the temperamental weather, Hog Roast Caerwys has a range of marquees and event tents for you to choose from. These can be included in your food booking for an additional (and very affordable) fee and can be decorated in a way that suits the theme and style of your celebration. Marquees are great for keeping guests dry and warm while also allowing them to enjoy the unique surroundings to the fullest.

You’ll also find that Hog Roast Caerwys’ menus, specifically our namesake hog roasts, are fantastic for keeping your guests warm from within. These hearty and wholesome feasts are the perfect soul food! Served piping hot with plenty of yummy sides, your guests will be far too immersed in the lip-smacking flavours to even notice the weather.

You can find out more about our services by getting in touch with our team today, or if you’re ready for a free quote, simply fill in our enquiry form, and we’ll be in touch ASAP.