Platinum Machine Purchase – Hog Roast Anglesey

Hog Roast Anglesey are UK wide caterers specialising in the ancient art of hog roasting. We are firm believers that nothing tastes better than beautifully succulent meat that has been roasted low and slow for several hours and is then served up in a freshly baked bread roll and topped with layer upon layer of crispy crackling and tangy applesauce.

Hog Roast AngleseyIt is safe to say however that hog roasting has come a long way since the middle ages. These days we are ale to use custom built machines that take care of all the hard work for you- meaning after you have prepared the meat you can sit back and relax whilst the Hog Roast Anglesey machine takes care of the rest!

Over the years Hog Roast Anglesey have refined our machines and now we are able to sell them to members of the public and avid caterers alike. We recently received a visit from Anton, who was looking to purchase the Platinum machine.

The Platinum is one of our larger machines, perfect for caterers or keen chefs as its dual roasting tray capacity means you can easily cater for any number of people. Anton informed us he was currently setting up a new catering business himself and so needed something to attract customers and thought offering speciality hog roasts would be the key to that- we had to agree!

After showing him around our factory in the north west and giving Anton a short demonstration of how to operate the Platinum he was all set to go! As always, we also gave the names of our local suppliers and reminded Anton that we are only ever a phone call away should he need any help or advice in the future although we are sure the Platinum’s intuitive design will make things as easy as possible!