Southern Slow Roast For A Milestone Birthday With 26 Hungry Guests

IMG_4082You may think that Hog Roast Runcorn only caters large events, like huge corporate functions and big wedding receptions, but we can actually cater any numbers, even a handful of people, and we often do. At one time, hog and spit roasts were for royalty and the rich and for big crowds due to the expense, but in these times, with our versatile equipment and options for every budget, it’s really suitable for everyone and even for small gatherings.

But when it comes to the food, what if you want something a bit different to our amazing hog and spit roasts? What if you’re thinking of a menu that ensures lots of different tastes and even diets are catered for at your party? Well, with our Private Party Menu 2, also known as our Southern Slow Roast Menu, we can do just that. With your choice of three marinated meats from a possible five, four accompanying dishes from a possible seven, plus the option of a vegetarian dish if required, as well as tasty sauces and condiments and fresh bread rolls, this menu will really hit the spot.

Hog Roast Runcorn was recently asked to cater for 26 guests with this scrumptious menu, for a 40th birthday at a private house party in Liverpool. We’ve catered in many back gardens and yards over the years, with all kinds of different food, from barbecues to centrepiece hog roasts, and our highly popular Southern Slow Roast Menu too. For this function, we were asked to cook our BBQ pork, beef brisket and sticky pork ribs, as well as sweet potato fries and mac n cheese, and to put together a Greek salad and a green leaf salad.

IMG_4083 On the sunny day of the 40th celebration, our Hog Roast Runcorn chef Simone made sure our gazebo and serving tables were smartly decorated and then she cooked up a storm with our delicious marinated meats and side dishes. Everything looked and tasted absolutely perfect, which matched well with the decorated garden, which even had a lovely big marquee, filled with balloons and banners, and we had plenty of compliments from satisfied guests.


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